Join PWA X by participating in our Open Book Market

As the Photobook Week Aarhus is celebrating its 10th anniversary, we are marking the special occasion through an Open Call for our book market. Co-organized with the Reflektor platform, the Open Book Market is taking place on Sunday, 5 November 2023 (11am -3:30pm). Attracting both international and local visitors, the Open Book Market is a valuable opportunity to not only sell your photobooks but also to network. So publishers, galleries, book shops and artists alike are cordially invited to apply for one of the spots that we have reserved for the Open Call.


You may choose between two options for participation:

  • you can either come in person and sell your books at a table – there are no stand fees, you just need to pay for your own travel expenses and accommodation.
  • Alternatively, we have the section “One Book per Publisher” which is open to publishers who cannot attend the festival but still want to be part of it and promote their work.

The „One Book per Publisher” option has proven very popular in the last three years. We simply ask you to send us one title from your catalog – just one book (with up to 3 copies) – and we will display and introduce it to visitors by using the information you send us. A designated assistant will be responsible for the books showcased in this section of the market and you will be directly paid through either PayPal or MobilePay. The only expense you will have is the shipping and return cost of your book(s). If you desire to do so, you can also donate unsold books to the festival collection.


Deadline to apply is 9 October, 2023, but you can send your application earlier, in an email to our coordinator, Vreni Hockenjos, at Don’t forget to indicate which of the two options you are interested in. You will be notified by 12 October whether or not we can accommodate your application.


The theme of the Photobook Week Aarhus 2023 is “Future Revisited” and as such it will be a celebration of what is worth saving in times of trouble. We do not deny that our planet is suffering from our actions and things are getting worse every day. Still, we propose a fresh look and a new wave of optimism to encourage artists to shape a new discourse around things such as Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence. For more information please visit:


As in previous years, the Open Book Market will take place at the Godsbanen Cultural hub (


We look forward to your application!