This was Photobook Week Aarhus 2021.

After looking at Flatness (2019), and Seriality (2020), PWA 2021 was focussed on Movement and Transition. Taking these keywords literally as well as metaphorically, the exhibition program and talks have embraced contemporary themes such as migration, globalization and post-colonial thinking, artistic movements such as Fluxus, to highlight their role as sources of inspiration. Genres such as multiples, magazines and company books have been just as important as photographic publications, and we have highlighted the book production in the Caribbean region, in Greenland, and Portugal.

Overlaps with artists’ books, video and film are inherent to the photobook medium, and were explored in depth. Finally, the Open Book Market featured international publishers, and the results of an open call for self-publishers. Photobook Week Aarhus 2021 was an open and inclusive event, that underlined the importance of the Library as a space of contemplation, concentration and creativity. As a place where the printed page is in movement and transition, where the book can shift and flicker between a source of knowledge on the one hand, and a material support for artistic practice on the other.

PWA 2021 was supported by the Politiken-Fonden, Instituto Camões and the Embassy of Portugal, City of Aarhus, the Obel Family Foundation, Frimodt-Heineke Fonden, and Dreyers Fond.

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Thank you to @furbryghus and @simplychocolatecph for sponsoring the Open Book Market.

Program of Events and Talks

Thank you all for participating!


Thursday 14.10.2021:

17:00 Opening at Aarhus School of Architecture (AAA)
Opening speech by Jesper Rasmussen and welcome cocktail
18:00 Bus departure to HEART Museum, Herning (limited places)
19:30 Rafael Vostell, in conversation with Moritz Neumüller and Jesper Rasmussen, Auditorium of HEART Museum
21:00 Bus departure from HEART Museum
22:00 Bus arrival in Aarhus (AAA parking lot)

Friday 15.10.2021:

10.00 – 13.15 at AAA Auditorium:
10.00 – 10:45 A Day Full of Miracles, by Adam Mazur
10:45-11:30: Danish Welfare Architecture in Photography and Photobooks, Conversation with Anne Elisabeth Toft and Jannie Rosenberg Bendsen

Coffee break

11:45-12:30: Sigvart Werner: Photographs and Photobooks, Conversation with Anne Elisabeth Toft and Tove Thage
12.30 – 13.00 REMIX: Printed Matter From the Caribbean, by Nadia Huggins (St Vincent & the Grenadines) and Nelson R. de Arellano (Cuba)
13.00 – 13.15 Kassel Dummies and Hong Kong Winners, presented by Moritz Neumüller

Lunch break

Afternoon at Galleri Image
15.00 – 15.10 Introduction by Beate Cegielska
15:10 – 15:45 Online talk with Kyungwoo Chun
Coffee break
16.00 – 16:45 Photobooks and Zines from Greenland, by Inuuteq Storch
16:45 – 17:30 Not Bliss But Relief, by Daria Tuminas and Sanne van den Elzen

Saturday 16.10.2021:

10.00 – 16:30 at ARoS:
10.00 – 11.30 Company books as Photobooks, by Thomas Wiegand and Bart Sorgedrager
Coffee break
11.45 – 13.30 Portugal Year Zero, by José Luis Neves
Lunch break
14.00 – 15.00 Moritz Neumüller and Jesper Rasmussen in conversation with Lars Movin, on Fluxus books and the Danish Flux scene
15.00 – 16.30 Screening of movie: The Misfits, by Lars Movin.
In parallel: Workshop paula roush and Workshop on artists’ texts by Alexandra Athanasiadou (online)

Sunday 17.10.2021:

11.00 – 16.00 at Godsbanen: Open Book Market
11.00h Opening
12:00h Presentation round of the publishers and the selected self-published books, by Verónica Losantos
13.00h Page Turner Workshop results, presented by paula roush
14.00h Show&Tell with the authors:
-Tofu Collective
-Sarah Schorr, Galleri Image
-Jonas Dahlström, Kerber Verlag
-Mads Greve, Book Lab
15.30h Closing ceremony with beer & chocolates sponsored by Fuur Bryghus & Simply

Publishers confirmed:
Breadfield Press, Fragment, Roulette Russe, Book Lab, Tofu Collective, Essarter Editions, Wunderbuch, Space Poetry, Galleri Image, Books & Music, Lasse Krog Møller & Thomas Wiegand.
„One Book per Publisher“:
KesselsKramer, Kehrer Verlag, RM, Revolver Publishing, Spector Books, Böhm Kobayashi, Dienacht, Kominek, Disko Bay, La Fabrica, Dalpine, Hydra, Jacob Aue Sobol, Art Paper Editions, The Eriskay Connection & Van Zoetendaal, among others.
And a selection of self-published books from our open call.

Exhibition program:

The Company Photobook, curated by by Thomas Wiegand and Bart Sorgedrager (Aros, level 3, 14 – 17 Oct. 2021).
Danish Welfare Architecture and Its Image, curated by Anne Elisabeth Toft and Jannie Rosenberg Bendsen. (AAA Library, 15. – 24.10.2021).
Pictures of Denmark. Sigvart Werner’s Danmarksbillede, curated by Anne Elisabeth Toft. (AAA Library, 15. – 24.10.2021).
Portugal Year Zero, curated by José Luis Neves (Aros, level 3, 14 – 17 Oct. 2021).
A Day Full of Miracles, curated by Adam Mazur. (AAA Auditorium, 14 – 17 Oct. 2021).
Kassel Dummies (AAA Library Installation, 14 – 17. 10. 2021).
Hong Kong Winners (AAA Auditorium, 14 – 17 Oct. 2021).
Flux my Book! (Aros, level 3, 14 – 17 Oct. 2021).
Multipl-eye-ing Fluxus (HEART Museum Herning, 14. – 30. 10. 2021).
Kyungwoo Chun: Breathing Images, Galleri Image, 14 – 17. 10. 2021
Eye to Eye. Photobooks and Zines from Greenland, by Inuuteq Storch, Galleri Image, 14 – 17. 10. 2021
Not Bliss But Relief, curated  by Daria Tuminas, Galleri Image, 14 – 17. 10. 2021
REMIX: Printed matter from the Caribbean, curated by Nadia Huggins. (AAA Auditorium, 14 – 17 Oct. 2021)



This was PWA 2021!

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Photobook Week Aarhus 2020
1 — 4 Oct


PWA 2020 Focus on Africa.
Curated by John Fleetwood.

Jansen-van-Staden, Untitled 1, from the series Microlight, 2018


Open Book Market
Oct 4, 2020

Meet publishers and their books from around the world
at the Aarhus School of Architecture


PWA 2020
Focus on Nordic Countries
Norwegian Photobooks

Sara Skorgan Teigen “Fractal State of Being” published by Journal, 2014

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