Photobook Week Aarhus 2019

3 – 6 October 2019

Photobook Week Aarhus 2019 examined the theme “Flatness”, both in a metaphorical and in a literal sense. One of our key shows in this framework was New Topographics in Photobooks, curated by Thomas Wiegand. It featured selected works of the main participants of the legendary exhibition New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape and its lasting effect on landscape photography, as well as reactions and parallels especially from Germany. Other exhibitions questioned the seemingly flat surface of the book: Book objects, leporello books, foldable maps and other techniques that defy the flatness of the page, were in the center of our attention.

The festival’s regional theme was Chilean and Swedish photobooks. Another highlight was Asia 8, featuring the winners of the Steidl Book Award in collaboration with the Singapore International Photo Festival. The Rebellious Photobook, curated by Jose Luis Neves (watch his talk at PWA15), was a small showcase of books that attempted to deconstruct the inherent ‘flatness’ of the page, either by subverting the reading process or exploring the material orthodoxy of the codex.

Other important exhibitions featured Lasse Krog Møller’s oeuvre at the Aros Museum and Stijn Van der Linden’s brand new essay on the concave city corner, at Dokk1 Library. Of course, we showed the Kassel Dummies again, and enjoyed talks about the past and present of the photobook medium. Our speakers this year included specialists such as Reinhard Matz, Irina Chmyreva, Niclas Östlind, Luis Weinstein, and Tatiana Sardá.

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Beer and chocolate at the Open Book Market were kindly sponsored by Fur Bryghus and Simply Chocolate. A special thank you to the participating book sellers and publishers Disco Bay, bt:st Verlag, Blankt Papir Press, Fragment, Galleri Image, NW Gallery Cph, Bladr, Wunderbuch, Roulette Russe, Book Lab.


This was PWA 2021!

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Photobook Week Aarhus 2020
1 — 4 Oct


PWA 2020 Focus on Africa.
Curated by John Fleetwood.

Jansen-van-Staden, Untitled 1, from the series Microlight, 2018


Open Book Market
Oct 4, 2020

Meet publishers and their books from around the world
at the Aarhus School of Architecture


PWA 2020
Focus on Nordic Countries
Norwegian Photobooks

Sara Skorgan Teigen “Fractal State of Being” published by Journal, 2014

Watch Lars Blunck’s Keynote Speech for PWA and connect to our Life Streaming

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Video on Contemporary photobooks from Chile

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Video on Lasse Krog Møller at Aros

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Asia 8 at Galleri Image

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Coffee with publishers at the Open Book Market!

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New Topographics in Photobooks

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Stijn Van der Linden: an essay on the concave city corner

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Keynote Speech for PWA 2019 will be held by Irina Chmyreva

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Grethe Grathwol’s work shown at PWA 2019

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10th KASSEL DUMMY AWARD featured at PWA 2019

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The Rebellious Photobook, curated by José Luís Neves for PWA 2019

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Danish artist Lasse Krog Møller featured at PWA 2019

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Northern photobooks series at PWA19. This year: Sweden

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PWA 2019 will be dedicated to the theme “Flatness”

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The 9th edition of PWA will take place from 27-30 of October 2022. More information here.