The Library within the Library

Celebrating ten years of Photobook Week Aarhus (PWA), the curator team behind the festival invited the German photographer Rolf Sachsse to revisit the exhibition he initially curated for PWA in 2014.

More specifically, we asked him to revisit the canon of architectural photobooks—and make a selection of his ‘top 30 books’. That is, his favourite books or the thirty publications which he finds the most important when it comes to architectural photography and its representation of architecture. In 2014, his exhibition was based on books from his own private collection, and on books from public libraries, including the library at the Aarhus School of Architecture. This is also the case in this year’s exhibition, where Sachsse reconsiders his original show and its thematic framing.

With The Library within the Library, PWA aims to reflect on architectural history as a construction. It also wants to shed light on the evolving discourse of photobooks on architectural photography and discuss the difference between photobooks on architecture and architecture books with photographs.

Considered to be a flexible plug-in structure, the exhibition The Library within the Library works as a thematic context for the two related shows that are also on display during PWA 2023: Amerika: Bilderbuch eines Architekten and Candida Höfer: Photobooks. The latter two focus on a seminal publication and a particular authorship, respectively, both reflecting the construction of architectural history and the canon of architecture.

During the festival, the exhibitions will be contextualized by lectures and talks.

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