Program of Photobook Week Aarhus 2023

Thursday 2.11.2023 

17:00 Aarhus School of Architecture –  Opening of PWA X

Opening Performance The Atlas of Death
In a number of works of art, the visual artist Olle Essvik has taken an interest in robots whose actions in a way resemble the apparently primitive abilities of insects. In this performance, Essvik shows insects as symbols of decay, survival, extinction, death and post humanity.

18:10 Bus to HEART (A bus will take all guests on a free return trip to Herning – book a seat here)
19:30 HEART – Opening of Exhibition For Kids Only?!
21:00 Bus departure from HEART Museum

Friday 3.11.2023

Location: Aarhus School of Architecture
10:00 Vreni Hockenjos and Thomas Wiegand: For Kids Only?!
10:45 Daria Tuminas: Growing Pains initiative (online talk).
11:15 Gerry Badger: Erich Mendelsohn: Modernist Urban Landscape Photography
12:00 Anne Elisabeth Toft, Jens Friis and Moritz Neumüller on Candida Höfer’s photography and photobooks
12:45 Lunch at Aarhus School of Architecture
14:00 Jose Luis Neves: A review of the last 10 years of photobook studies
15:15 Frédérique Deschamps and Olubukola Gbadegesin: Photonovels
16:30 Randa Mirza: Beirutopia and other Myths (online).
Walk to Galleri Image
17:45 Triin Kerge: The Estonian Photobook (Location: Galleri Image, here).

Saturday 4.11.2023

Location: Aarhus School of Architecture
10:00 Rolf Sachsse: The Library in the Library, 10 years after.
Walk to Dokk1
11:30 Gallery talk on the exhibition Photonovels
Lunch and walk to ARoS
ARoS Museum
13:30 Opening of Seminar Future Revisited by Signe Klejs
14:00 David Fathi: Trapped In A Loop (Nostalgia, clichés, biases and how to escape the black hole)
14:30 Olle Essvik: The Eaten Books + AInsects Project
15:30 Boris Eldagsen: Visual Storytelling in a post-photographic context
16:15 Presentation of the three winners of Open Call for AI and Closing

Sunday 5.11.2023

Location: ‘Remisen’ at Godsbanen, here
11:00 Open Book Market
12:00 Introduction of the Publishers
14:00 Talks by Sonia Lenzi, Louise Bøgelund Saugmann, Morten Eriksen, Maja Ingerslev, Claus Ejner
15:30 Closing Ceremony
16:00 PWA23 is over
– See you next year at Photobook Week Aarhus 2024! –

Exhibitions by Venue

HEART Museum

For Kids Only?! Exploring Photobooks for Children, curated by Vreni Hockenjos and Thomas Wiegand

ARoS Museum

Shortlisted projects of AI Call “Our World is Beautiful” (video projection)

Galleri Image

Estonian photobooks, curated by Maria Kapajeva and Triin Kerge

Aarhus School of Architecture

Amerika: Bilderbuch eines Architekten, curated by Anne Elisabeth Toft
Candida Höfer: Photobooks, curated by Anne Elisabeth Toft

Dokk1 Library

Photonovels, curated by Frédérique Deschamps and Olubukola Gbadegesin

Talks and workshops on AI (Pre and post Photobook Week Aarhus 2023)


Boris Eldagsen, ONLINE PRESENTATION + Q&A “Promptography: How AI Is Overtaking Photography”

Date: 22 Oct, 2023, 18:30 – 20:30 CEST

paula roush, ONLINE PRESENTATION + Q&A “A.I. Disruption: Exploring Experimental Photobook Publishing with Artificial Intelligence”

Date: 29 October, 2023, 18:30 – 20:30 CEST


Boris Eldagsen, INTENSIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP PART I “Text-Based Prompting For Professionals”

Date: 23 Oct, 2023, 18:30 – 21:30 CEST

Boris Eldagsen, INTENSIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP PART  II “Image-Based Prompting For Professionals”

Date: 25 Oct, 2023, 18:30 – 21:30

paula roush, Pageturner 2023  2 day-workshop: “A.I. Disruption: Artistic Inscriptions in AI-Invoked Photobook Publishing”

Dates: 5 & 12 November, 10:00 – 13:00 ; 14:00 – 17:00 (LIVE, via Zoom)