Last year an international jury of recognized photobook specialists chose an essay on the concave citycorner by Belgian artist-photographer Stijn Van der Linden as the winner of Photobook Week Aarhus Dummy Award 2018 among 150 unpublished photobook dummies from all over the world that applied for the award.

This year we present the winning photobook at an exhibition at Dokk1.

Stijn van der Linden’s photobook is an exploration of how spaces become spaces and how photography can influence this process. It is an artistic experiment that examines concave city corners and tries to systemize corners using certain codes and diagrams related to their physical appearances. Do corners create their own places by connecting certain colours, materials and objects… or is it all a matter of people’s perception? an essay on the concave city corneris a poetic and faux-scientific look on hidden and vague locations in the city.

The exhibition shows in part how the photographs and their analysis came together into a photobook dummy. It shows the different stages of its production, from the very first little try-outs, over the construction and editing aids to the final dummy that won last year.

The winning photobook is published by Photobook Week Aarhus in collaboration with Reflektor Platform and with support from design company Kvadrat. It will be distributed by Idea Books, Amsterdam, in a media partnership with European Photography.

As a part of the exhibition, we have arranged a walking tour from Aarhus School of Architecture to Dokk1, through the small streets of Aarhus, where 14 selected concave city corners can be experienced. The tour is a psychogeographical observation of the city through places you wouldn’t give a second look when passing.


On Friday 4 October at 2 PM there will be a guided tour of the walk from Aarhus School of Architecture to Dokk1.

More on the printing of this book at KOPA, in Kaunas.