Let’s face the artist’s text, but with a twist!
An online workshop (8 hours in total) to learn how to best present your book project in writing, or to include a text in your book.  

by Alexandra Athanasiadou, PhD. (Philosophy Photography Lab)

PART 1  

  • Introduction of the Philosophy Photography Lab (PHLSPH Lab) and how critical thinking can be of use to the artist: presentation and discussion on what philosophy can do for you.
  • Mapping out the territory: a talk on how to work on the text, from the concept to the finished piece.
  • Looking at the works: discussion of the artists’ works and texts
  • Hands-on: work on the creative process with exercises and group discussions (guided but also exchanging views with the group)
  • One-on one sessions (30’ per participant).

PART 2 (one week after Part 1, so participants have time to work on their texts according to what we have discussed

5) presentation of the new text of every participant (what they adapted, why etc and group discussion)
6) Second round of one-on one sessions

Price: 45€

Format: online

Dates: Early October. The exact schedule will be negotiated with the participants, in order to meet their needs best.

Application closed.

Image Credit: Showing Back Style, from a photography album with images of Japan. Public domain from the Collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Gift of Howard and Dorothy Pramann from the Mrs. M.J. McKelvy Estate, St. Cloud, MN