Mark your calendar for Friday, 3 November, at Photobook Week Aarhus, where we have an exceptional treat in store for you. Renowned curator Daria Tuminas will take the stage to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking talk.

Daria Tuminas, based in Amsterdam, has curated the artistic program of FOTODOK in Utrecht since 2019. With her extensive experience, including heading the Unseen Book Market at Unseen Amsterdam, Daria has played a pivotal role in shaping the photobook landscape. During her talk, she will unveil her latest project, “In Pieces”, a collection of works by five artists deeply affected by the war in Ukraine.

During this talk, Tuminas will unveil a captivating project that bridges art and storytelling. “In Pieces” is a remarkable collection of works by five artists deeply affected by the war in Ukraine. Sophia Bulgakova, Lia Dostlieva, Ola Lanko, Katia Motyleva, and Kateryna Snizhko, all Ukrainian-born artists living and working in the Netherlands, have crafted new works specifically for this publication. These artworks, created with a child’s perspective in mind, offer a unique lens into the complexities of life in the aftermath of conflict.

In tandem with Daria Tuminas’ enlightening talk, we invite you to explore the world of photobooks in an unconventional way. Alongside her presentation, we are hosting the exhibition “For Kids Only?! Exploring Photobooks for Children.” Curated by Vreni Hockenjos and Thomas Wiegand for Photobook Week Aarhus 2023 and HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, this exhibition challenges the conventional view of photobooks for children.

While Daria Tuminas’ talk will delve into the power of photobooks for all audiences, ‘For Kids Only?!’ will specifically explore the captivating realm of photobooks designed for young readers. This exhibition invites both adults and kids to (re)discover this often-overlooked genre and explore its rich history spanning over 150 years.


Growing Pains, an Amsterdam-based initiative, stands at the intersection of visual arts, publishing, conversation, education, and human connection. This project is dedicated to supporting women and non-binary artists, providing alternative platforms for challenging dialogues. Established in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Growing Pains was co-founded by Agata Bar, Daria Tuminas, and Zhenia Sveshchinskaya.

In Pieces © Growing Pains. Images and texts by: Sophia Bulgakova, Lia Dostlieva, Ola Lanko, Kateryna Snizhko.
I wish this paper had remained blank (2023), © Kateryna Snizhko commissioned by Growing Pains
Mother Tongue (2023), © Katia Motyleva commissioned by Growing Pains