Photobooks from Norway

Curated by Nina Worren

This exhibition, which continues PWA’s geographical focus on Northern Countries, will show the diversity of Norwegian books and publications with an emphasis on photography.
From the sketch book to the unique artist book.
The handmade book. And the democratic multi publication.
Books that are self published and in small editions and some that are published in large scale internationally.
Norwegian photo books through times and today.
Presenting fact, science and fiction. Personal stories and documentary.
The exhibition also aims to explore different artistst approach to the format of the book;
Camera based and camera less. Multidisiplinary. Experimental in form and content.

Have a glimpse at some of the exhibition highlights…

Featured books:

Mariken Kramer “The Eyes That Fix You in a Formulated Phrase” published by Multipress, 2018

Terje Abusdal “Radius 500 metres”, Journal, 2015

Sara Skorgan Teigen “Fractal State of Being” published by Journal, 2014