On the 25th of April 1974, Portuguese fascism was overthrown by a military coup. What ensued in the following five years was a complex and turbulent transition into democracy. The photobooks, pamphlets and postcards included in this exhibition are a record of that period. When published, these objects functioned as instruments of celebration, propaganda, protest, recollection and questioning.  Many times, these characteristics overlapped in a single publication creating a powerful visual archive of the frenetic and unpredictable succession of events that marked this tense era in recent Portuguese history.


This exhibition gathers and re-activates this vibrant material to provide a comprehensive picture of photobook-making during the Carnation Revolution. Containing a variety of printed matter produced throughout Europe, the show reveals the essential role these publications had in documenting and preserving the diverse ideological battlegrounds and key events that shaped Portugal’s initial steps towards democracy.


This exhibition also represents the first public display of material that will be included in a study dedicated to contemporary Portuguese photobook practice to be published in 2022.