Unseen and Photobook Week Aarhus question the subject of Distribution and Selling Strategies for Photobooks, September 2017.

As the 2017 editions of Unseen Book Market and Photobook Week Aarhus took place during the same weekend (21–24 September), we have launched a joint discussion about the role of the photobook market today. The project Market? What Market? kicked off with a series of three Book Market Statements at Unseen website made by guest contributors. The issues raised by the authors in their text entries were continued during the roundtable discussions in Aarhus and Amsterdam. Finally, the texts from the website, the quotes from the roundtable discussions, as well as two additional unique materials have been edited into a booklet with the following contents:

1 – Gerry Badger – On Three Markets photographer, architect and photography critic, co-wrote with Martin Parr The Photobook: A History, 3 volumes

2 – Olivier Cablat – On the Role of Digital artist and artistic director of Cosmos Arles Books with Sebastian Hau, currently works on a doctorate Digital and Photobooks

3 – Sebastian Arthur Hau – On the Community and the Market Space founder of the bookshop at Le Bal, director of the photobook markets Polycopies and Cosmos

4 – Round Table Discussions: Quotes from talks at Photobook Week Aarhus & Unseen Living Room

5 – Carlos Spottorno – On Enlarging the Market photographer and film maker, author of THE PIGS, Wealth Management, La Grieta etc.

6 – Natalia Baluta – On Potential Audience artist, co-founder of Russian Independent SelfPublished collective, and director of client insight Central and Eastern Europe leading market research for Coca-Cola .

Download the Photobook Market PDF by Photobook Week Aarhus and Unseen here.