Twentysix artist’s books —some of them can also be considered as photobooks

PWA will feature an exhibition by and about the Danish artist Lasse Krog Møller, who has been involved with the production of artist’s books and photobooks for many years. Among other things, the exhibition will examine the festival’s theme of ”Flatness” through his interest in cartography, landscape and collection, which are recurring themes in his artistic praxis. Of course, the show will include the hilarious and yet thoughtful Alle frisørsalonerne på Amagerbrogade (Every hairdresser on Amagerbrogade).

Location: ARoS (entrance level)

Jorn in Lisboa (2016)



Et togt over det hvide sand (2011)



Vanløses monumenter (2013)



Alle frisørsalonerne på Amagerbrogade (2015)